Nearly forty years of putting
people first.

We’re flipping the script on how you view construction. More than hulking machines and structures at scale, the Scott story starts with a people-first approach to building better.

A culture of collaboration

Working together is a key component to our success — it leads to a positive workplace culture and influences relationships built on trust. Through our collaborative approach, our team is empowered to find solutions to the unique needs of any project.

by design.

Investing in the future

More than just new building techniques, we believe that a successful plan for growth should emphasize engaging and activating the next generation of construction professionals. This is why we’re B Corp Certified, doubling down on employee programs, co-op opportunities, and advanced building methods — to pave the way for the future of industry innovation.

Want to advance your career in construction?

Scott is a progressive construction company with experience across all market types. This means that you’ll have an opportunity to expand your breadth of knowledge and expertise while being supported by some of the best employee benefits in the industry.

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