As Scott, it’s our vision to be a progressive, industry and community-shaping builder.

This mindset pushes us to look at construction through a wider lens — to consider the needs of our clients, our people, and our community members. It’s why we’ve adopted some of the most forward-looking programs in the industry. Through this viewpoint, Scott’s pillars help guide our principles, inspire our outreach, and maximize our positive impact.

Social Responsibility

Scott’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) committee’s purpose is to ensure that we align with the world around us. As a Certified B Corp, we want to identify and implement goals and initiatives that are guided by our vision, values, and commitment to using business as a force for good. Regionally, we support charities by volunteering our construction expertise, activate aspiring construction professionals through student programs, and donate to local programs to support those in need. We also offer our staff paid time off to volunteer. And globally, we’ve done amazing work with organizations like Climate Smart to track, measure, and commit to environmental targets, which include working toward our own goals of reducing waste and energy usage, offsetting our carbon footprint.

    Solutions-Based Leadership

    Considering the needs of our community starts with an engaged team of construction professionals. Our cross-functional teams take an active role in driving project decisions through a solution-seeking approach and in influencing industry growth by advancing proactive building practices such as LEED and other sustainability certifications, Passive House, modular, and mass timber projects. Our uniqueness is in how we deliver projects and manage risks through collaboration, focusing on building lasting relationships.

    Workplace Safety

    Safety is at the forefront of every member, on every job, every day. Period. This emphasis on safety is necessary for our industry, but it’s our collaborative approach that takes our programs to another level. We tailor safety to the needs of every job and appoint a dedicated safety officer to every site because it’s our responsibility to get everyone home safe.

      Employee Experience & Support

      Creating a positive employee experience is foundational, and we formally measure our employee engagement and culture every year. Through this, we listen to the feedback from our team to continue to strengthen their work experience. As an example, feedback has strengthened our approach to professional development and personal well-being. This collaborative perspective on employee support is a key reason why we’re able to hire, grow, and retain the best industry talent.

      Employee-led committees are how Scott innovates culture. Along with our ESG committee, Scott’s Mental Health Committee is led by members from across our organization to support mental health topics that are key to our team. The committee focuses on communication, education and external resources support on topics ranging from substance abuse education, family mental wellness to physical wellbeing challenges.