A culture of collaboration and
long-lasting relationships.

From the day we opened our doors, Scott has been committed to building things right. It’s why we’ve been able to grow into a team of over 100 and how we’ve forged quality relationships along the way.

Humble beginnings

Like many construction companies just starting out, the path to success has many moving parts. But, for Scott, we had the added challenge of starting up during the construction recession of 1984. Fortunately for us, our team never wavered. Jobs were won on honest, hard work and the relationships formed would fuel growth for decades.

Building on our craft

With success came opportunity and, as the Scott team grew, so did our breadth of work. Today we serve all markets equally, showcased by our work across institutional, industrial, commercial, and residential projects.

Expanding our resources

In 2015, Scott Construction became a subsidiary of the IDL Ventures Group — a leader in diverse construction solutions with more than 1,000 peak members and revenue in excess of $600 million annually. This relationship has expanded our service expertise and our technical capability so that we can better serve our client’s needs while venturing into new markets.

The vision forward

Our aim as a company is to be a progressive, industry-shaping construction leader. We do this for projects that we build and in the communities we serve. As a result of our people-first approach, we’ve developed some of the most forward-thinking organizational initiatives the industry has to offer.